How to recharge Jio number on Airtel Payments Bank?

Even though there are people who strive to achieve, people like to procrastinate and that’s a fact. And the new world – the one that offers you digital technologies and everything at the push of a button – has also allowed you to go lazy. A lot of people are subscribed to Jio prepaid plans today. If you already know how to recharge your number, well you are doing great. Otherwise, here are the few simple steps that can show you how to recharge your Jio number on the Airtel Payments Bank platform, so that you can go back to your couch.

  • Open the Airtel Payments Bank platform – You can definitely find a lot of online platforms for your Jio recharge. However, the Airtel Payments Bank platform is offering great cashback rewards. Then why should you venture anywhere else? You can find the platform just by typing in ‘Airtel Payments Bank’ on the browser. The website is quite easy to navigate and you will find all the necessary links at the top of the page.
  • Log in to the platform – It is advised to log into the platform. This will help you to earn cashback. If you have not already registered yourself, go ahead and so so. It will definitely prove quite useful in the long run. It will only take a minute to register yourself. You would need to offer your mobile number and offer proof of identity. The RBI has mandated all digital wallets to ask for KYC details and as you would be making payments through your bank, you should put in the details.
  • Move to the ‘Prepaid’ section – Since you need to do airtel recharge, Jio recharge other recharges, the prepaid section would be applicable for you. As soon as you click on the tab, you would be asked for your mobile number. Make sure that you put in the correct number. Putting in the wrong details will lead you to recharge in a different number.
  • Fill in some details – Along with your number, you would be asked for the operator and circle. Select “JIO” as the operator from the drop-down list. Once you do that, make sure that you put it in the correct circle.
  • Enter the plan – If you already know the value of the plan that you want to use, you can just put in the digits. Otherwise, there is the ‘Browse Plans’ option on the right. Click on that. A list of all the plans will be shown to you. The benefits of the plan and the amount would be visible to you. Click on the buttons indicating the amount of the plan that you like. This plan would be selected.
  • Proceed with payment – Now that all the necessary details have been filled, you can click on ‘Proceed’. You will be directed to the payment page. You will find different options for payment here. Click on the one that seems suitable to you – Credit/Debit cards, UPI or Net Banking. As soon as you make the payment, you will get a message on your mobile about the recharge initiation.

Now that you know about it, isn’t the process to do Jio rechargeon Airtel Payments bank very simple?

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