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Personal loans can be found to fund unique sorts of personal expenses in a cost effective method. These unsecured loans aren’t only simple to access, but also offer you enough funds to handle emergencies you may be facing. You can easily receive a loan amount of up to $25 lakh without any difficulties or paperwork. Apart from that, due to the collateral-free nature of such loans, they have an easy and quick application, approval, and disbursal procedure.

15 minutes of approval make these loan a much more viable option for anyone seeking to tackle a crisis. However, you can take out these loans for projected expenses too, such as traveling, wedding, schooling, house renovation, or debt consolidation.

Irrespective of your need, you need to consider your loan tenor carefully, as your loan term may have a direct influence on your interest outgo and your financing. The higher the rate of interest, the more expensive the loan. Thus, it’s essential to obtain the perfect equilibrium.

The preparation stage involves quite a few steps, such as finalizing the amount of the loan, assessing the loan conditions, finding the right rate of interest, and deciding the repayment tenor. As a borrower, you have to carefully assess your financial capacity and select a manageable instalment. Typically, it is sensible to ensure that your loan EMIs don’t exceed 30-40% of your earnings, as this provides you considerable sum to satisfy your additional monthly expenses and also save some for an emergency.

Pick a figure methodically, you can use a personal loan EMI calculator. It’s a free online tool which you may use to compute your EMIs according to the loan tenor and loan amount selected. With this calculator, you can change the loan term and select the one that best suits your repayment ability. Both short and long loan tenors have their advantages and disadvantages. Thus, remember the below-mentioned advice before you lock in your loan tenor.

Though you might tend to opt for a more loan tenor to save on EMI payments, it’s not the most favourable alternative for all. This is since a long loan tenor translates into a greater interest amount. While this option allows you to make your EMI payments smoothly and safely, it ultimately increases the entire loan cost. That being said, a longer loan tenor also helps you to build your credit rating.

That is because a brief tenor usually means that your loan amount needs to be dispersed among a fewer number of instalments. Because of this, you might find it difficult to manage your EMIs consistently, especially if the instalment amount represents a major percentage of your monthly earnings, or if you are already paying for existing debt.


Selecting your loan tenor without due thought can make your repayments tough and drain your financing. So, take some time and select the right loan term to prevent any unnecessary pressure.


This is only going to increase the load in your monthly budget and also make it hard for you to cover your EMIs on time. Try to have a loan just after clearing your other debts . Doing this will also boost your credit score.


Are you due for a promotion soon? Are you expecting a bonus shortly? Foresee your fiscal prospects and strategy accordingly. As your income grows, you can also create pre-payments on your loan to decrease the burden.

Think about ways to raise your income too, like taking a part-time occupation, taking some additional work, or getting better returns on investments.


Analyse your monthly budget to work out the amount of EMIs you are able to afford every month. Ideally, after paying your EMIs and meeting your monthly expenses, you should still have some cash left, which you are able to save emergencies. Once you pick an amount that you’re comfortable with, choose your loan tenor accordingly. This will make certain you cover your EMIs smoothly without delaying or lacking any payments.

Create a monthly budget to decrease your expenses. As a result, you can choose a shorter loan tenor with greater EMIs so that you can get rid of your loan immediately.


Analyse your income and also look into any bonuses you expect in the coming months. Additionally, consider any appraisals and promotions you are due for. Consider these income hikes while deciding upon the right tenor to your loan. You are able to use surplus funds to produce pre-payments and maintain a high credit score.

While you’re out there to select a personal loan offer, you have to decide on a lender that offers you the flexibility of repayment.

Apart from this, you also profit from the simple acceptance and disbursal procedure.

Learn to hit a balance between your monthly instalments and your loan tenor working with the info given above. Once you choose your loan tenor using the personal loan EMI calculator, fill our application form here, provide your information, and get your documents verified online. Accept the loan deal and move forward with the program procedure. When the procedure is complete, you get your loan approval within 15 seconds .

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