Thriving Neighborhood Communities

If anything has become more evident during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is that people need relationships and community engagement to thrive. Feeling burnt out by video chat, desperate to meet your friend for a cup of coffee, or eager to eat in a restaurant with a group once everything returns to normal?  You are not alone. Individuals need community and engagement with others to foster a healthy lifestyle. Community is especially prevalent in neighborhoods. If you plan to move in the future, be sure to pay attention to these recommended neighborhood characteristics to ensure you and your family can thrive with others.

Schools and Families

Assess your current and future family plans. Browse for homes that fit your family, but also examine the surrounding neighborhoods and communities to see it they will be a good match for your family and children over the years. Check out the local town, public library, and community center. Grab a bite to eat in a nearby restaurant or coffee shop. Explore what the local area values, what groups and organizations are active, and what yearly events take place. Ensure local school districts and campuses meet important expectations and standards, and explore the schools your child may attend online and in-person. Take your child(ren) on a school tour to determine if a certain community is a good fit for their learning needs, along with the school’s social, athletic, and arts opportunities.

Safety First

Most importantly, proper safety and patrol services should be in place to ensure the neighborhood can live without crime or danger. When meeting with realtors or community supervisors, be sure to ask about built-in security features and what protections are included in monthly home owner association fees. Also learn about what additional services the neighborhood patrol offers, such as overseeing larger park gatherings or parades. If you find a perfect neighborhood that is lacking in security, consider speaking with neighborhood patrol services louisiana to discuss potential solutions.

Making it Home

Congrats! You found the perfect home and neighborhood for your family. Relationships take time, but it is never too early to start getting to know neighbors and others on your block or street. Arrange backyard dinners, or host a block party to bring many families, new and old, together for fun and friendship. Encourage your children to form relationships with neighborhood children as well, which will help provide them friendships as they transition to the new school year.

Neighborhood engagement fosters community, socialization, and friendships for years to come. Take some time to find the best place for your family and you will be well your way to a great community!

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