When Should You Avoid Claiming Bike Insurance?

To know what is and is not covered by your bike insurance policy, you should read the policy paperwork before filing a claim. Policyholders often have their claims denied because they seek reimbursement for expenses not covered by their policies. In the event of an accident, the insurance company will accept your claim and either reimburse or cover the associated costs. If you have obtained a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy with additional covers to boost the value of your policy, you can secure complete coverage.

However, you may be asked to pay a portion of the bill out of pocket for certain reasons. Therefore, claims must be submitted only when there is no doubt that they will be reviewed. There are some instances when it may be better to avoid claiming bike insurance. These are:

Not Giving All the Facts

Only file a claim if you have fully revealed all relevant facts to the insurance provider when acquiring the policy or if any information presented was accurate. The corporation may not let you claim bike insurance for fraud or other illegal activity if you provide false information. Before submitting a claim, double-check that your insurance company has accurate information.

Impaired driving caused by both alcohol and drug use.

Those impaired by drugs or alcohol during the incident are also asked not to file claims. If you are caught driving under the influence and causing damage to another person or their property, your insurance company will not pay for the repairs.

False Claims

It’s typical to practise for claimants to pad their claims with unnecessary work to reduce their out-of-pocket repair costs. Suppose your insurance provider discovers you’ve been exaggerating your claims to collect more money. In that case, they’ll not only cancel your policy but also deny your upcoming bike insurance renewal and force you to pay for any damages out of pocket. They will also put a mark on your record, making it nearly impossible to get new coverage for your motorbike.

Riding Without a Licence or Nomination

If you lend your friend your motorbike and they get into an accident, your insurance company will only pay if your friend is licenced to drive. Make sure the rider had a valid licence with them at the time of the collision if you plan on filing a claim. If the rider lacked the necessary credentials, the policyholder would be held financially responsible because this would indicate the policyholder had given consent to an unlicensed person.

Some policies exclusively insure the vehicle’s owner, whereas others let policyholders name additional drivers. The insurance company would consider the claim application if an accident occurred while the policyholder or a designated driver was driving the vehicle.

Poor or Unreliable Maintenance

If your vehicle was not serviced according to the manufacturer’s guidelines, your bike insurance company would not pay for damages. In such cases, insurance companies often point to defective auto parts as a possible cause of the collision. If you plan on raising a claim when needed, keeping your bike well-maintained by the manufacturer’s guidelines is essential.

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